Two Equal Height Columns - Liquid Layout

Some of these parts require fabrication of mounts and installation of mounting hardware. All parts will require drilling and fitting.

80-88 Chevy truck.front conversion fender, 2"flair,or 6"bulge(not shown), requires fiberglass hood;$350 for both.

80-88 Chevy truck.front conversion fender 6"bulge(not ones on truck pic), requires fiberglass hood;$350 for both.

6 inch flaired 1988+ style bedsides, 81" long; can be used as stepsides; $400 for both.

80-88 Chevy truck conversion hood; $200.00.


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Order over phone with credit card. Ph: 951-654-7334.

Email me: I will send you PayPal invoice.

Wire Transfer; for International orders.