Two Equal Height Columns - Liquid Layout

Some of these parts will require fabrication of mounts and installation of mounting hardware. Some will require fabrication skills and shop tools to mount. All will require drilling and fitting.

Chevy 88-99 truck fiberglass
Front fenders, 2 inch flair, dzus-on, requires fiberglass hood;  $350.00 for both.


Rear bedsides, 2 inch flair, approx 81 inch length along the top edge, dzus-on;  $400.00 for both.


Front fenders 6 inch flair, requires fiberglass hood, dzus-on;  $350.00 for both.


Rear Bedsides, 8 inch flair, approx 87 inch length along the top edge,dzus-on;    $400.00 for both.

(Rear Bedsides, 7inch flair, approx 81 inch length along the top edge,dzus-on;  $400.00 for both.


Rear Bedsides, 6 inch flair, approx. 82 inch length. light cut-outs, dzus-on;  $400.00 for both.


88 Chevy hood, wider;$200.00 each.



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